Culture, Culinary, Scenery, Style and Adventure

We are a boutique travel company which creates meaningful experiences for small groups of women who are married, divorced, single and widowed. Culture, Culinary, Scenery, Style and Adventure are all components of our “one of a kind” travel programs.  We hope you will join us!

Just Ladies Traveling 2021 Travel Update

Travel In a Magic Mirror for 2021

How many times the last year have you heard “it is what it is”? – and indeed it is what it is and the best we can do now is forecast for the world with some light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the vaccine.
All our decisions will be based on mandates of the State Department of the US and of the governments of the locations to which we plan to visit and the CDC.

Our best judgment and facts are the following for trips this year that are on the calendar:
Santa Fe and Cape Cod will be postponed till 2022
English Gardens in June will be determined by the end of February and I will email those participants.
Grandchildren to Paris in August, and Ireland in September, and Provence in October, with fingers crossed, will operate. Final decisions in April based on the
outlook then.
Until now unannounced: Glamping on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in late October, and sometime in late summer, Montana through Yellowstone to Jackson Hole which will be finalized by late March.
It is what it is – and we are as anxious to move on, as is the whole travel industry, as quickly and safely as possible.
The article in Conde Nast below may help a little and let you know we are all in the same boat! Too bad it isn’t sailing!! Travel Used To Be My Identity. How Do I Move Forward?

About Us

I began my travel career in 1979, after getting married, having two daughters and teaching history at Greensboro Day School. My career has spanned almost 40 years and has been involved in every part of the travel business.  Leisure, group, corporate and incentive travel, have all been part of my experience.

 In 1989, after finishing UNC – Chapel Hill, my daughter Ginny Mabry, joined the business and is a very successful leisure agent in Davidson, NC. Ginny, is married and has two teenaged sons. She is an independent agent with prestigious Brownell Travel and excels in luxury independent travel planning.

Our groups are made up of mother/daughter, sisters, friends, widows, divorcees and married women. Groups average 16 ladies, and vary from 2 – 6 nights. Ages of our travelers extend from 45 – 87.

Culture, culinary, scenery, style and adventure are the five ingredients for a Just Ladies Traveling trip, and safety, security, and satisfaction are the goals.

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